Top 3 Reasons to Opt for Abrasive Waterjet Sheet Metal Cutting

29 January 2019
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One of the things that sheet metal fabricators do before they can turn sheet metal into functional parts or finished products is to cut the material. There are many different types of sheet metal cutting techniques that these fabricators can employ to get the job done, but some are more popular than others.

Abrasive waterjet cutting is one of the most popular industrial cutting methods used by sheet metal fabricators today. Do you want to know why this cutting technique is so popular among sheet metal fabricators? Keep reading on below to find out why.

1. Eliminates the Risk of Thermal Distortion

One of the main disadvantages of industrial metal cutting processes that rely on heat is that they can burn or melt the material being cut. As a result, the thermal stress that the material is subjected to can result in defects such as warping and surface hardening, which can compromise the quality of cuts achieved.

Using abrasive waterjets to cut sheet metal eliminates this risk of process-induced thermal distortion. This is because this cutting method uses a stream of abrasive water at a high rate instead of heat to cut metal material.

Abrasive waterjet cutting is a practical solution for cutting sheet metal, which can be heat-sensitive, depending on its thickness. 

2. Delivers Precise Cuts

Achieving high-quality cuts is vital to producing high-quality parts or products. Many sheet metal fabricators favour the use of abrasive waterjet cutting because it can deliver this attribute.

The high-pressure jet stream of water mixed with abrasive particles can deliver precise cuts needed to ensure subsequent processes go smoothly. The cutting equipment can cut in any direction, so cutting intricate shapes and designs won't compromise the precision and quality of cuts.

Plus, the fact that abrasive waterjet cutting is a cold cutting method means there are no heat-affected zones, further increasing the quality of cuts produced.

3. Safe for Both Human Beings and the Environment

As no heat is required to cut sheet metal, no hazardous fumes are produced while the material is being cut. This quality makes abrasive waterjet cutting safer for people and the environment compared to cutting methods that rely on heat to cut through material.

Now that you've learned about the benefits that abrasive waterjet cutting can deliver, you should consider seeking out a sheet metal fabrication company that employs it. They'll be happy to help you meet the particular needs of your project.