Two signs that it is time to refresh the ground lines on your commercial premises

11 January 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog


There are many signs that can indicate that it is time to use a few line marking machines to refresh the ground lines on your commercial premises. Here are two examples of these signs.

Customers are routinely parking in areas where they are not supposed to

Sometimes, if a customer is in a hurry or is not paying attention, they may accidentally park somewhere that they are not supposed to (such as in an area of your commercial premises where parking is not permitted, or in a parking space which is designed solely for employees or delivery drivers).

This can result in issues such as your employees not being able to park their vehicles (and thus being forced to spend time looking for parking spaces near your business premises) or your delivery drivers not being able to park and subsequently unload the stock that you have ordered.

However, if several different people have recently made the same error, then it might mean that this issue is not the fault of your customers, but rather the result of your parking lines having faded to such an extent that drivers cannot see them clearly whilst they are driving around your premises.

To stop customers from inadvertently leaving their vehicles in the wrong areas of your premises, you may need to purchase or hire a few line marking machines and arrange for one of your employees to refresh the parking lines.

Freshly-painted lines should be easy for your customers to spot whilst they are searching for a parking space on your premises and should, therefore, ensure that they recognise and avoid using spaces that are designed for your employees or delivery drivers and that they do not leave their cars in areas where parking is prohibited.

Several cyclists have been hit by cars whilst on your premises

Accidents can occur in any car park, regardless of how carefully the area is maintained. However, if you have been made aware of the fact that several cyclists have been knocked over by vehicles whilst on your premises, then it might be worth checking to see if the condition of the painted ground lines around your premises is the source of this problem.

If for example, the paint on your premises' cycling pathway has degraded to such an extent that neither drivers nor cyclists can see it when they are travelling around your premises, then the likelihood of a cyclist being knocked over by a passing car will be much higher, as there are no visual indicators of any boundaries that could help to keep these two groups away from each other.

In this situation, repainting the lines on your cycling pathway should help the cyclists and car users on your premises from colliding.