Benefits of Building Service Consultations Before Settling on Underpinning

30 January 2019
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As a homeowner with foundation problems, you may jump on the idea of using underpinning services. Though this is an initial option, there are several reasons you should wait and have a consultation first. By hiring a building services consultant, you can have your home inspected and a full consultation done to determine if underpinning is right for you. If you aren't sold on using this type of service, here are some benefits that may lead you to change your mind.

Full Inspections

One of the leading reasons to use building services consultants before having underpinning is the ability to have a full foundation inspection. Some contractors may come in and tell you that you need underpinning, but there may be more issues when a full inspection is completed. For example, a full inspection and consultation may find that the foundation is not only cracking, but also sinking. This observation can greatly change the type of underpinning service you need. If it is overlooked, you may find that you have to make costly changes to the original underpinning service.

Stabilization Options

There is more to underpinning than the process itself. You need to have stability in your home and throughout the entirety of the foundation. Depending on where you live, this may require different methods in order to achieve full stabilization before and after the underpinning is completed. A building services consultant can determine what type of stabilization will be necessary based on the soil and environment. This can help determine the proper steps to take during the underpinning process.

Modification Options

There are times when a modification to the underpinning process will need to be made. These modifications can be due to soil instability or due to issues with your home. This is when you will need the assistance of a building services consultant. The consultant can help determine which options are available to you that are stable and secure so you can finish the project safely. They can also work within your budget and deadline time frame to ensure that you are meeting both of these tasks to your benefit.

By keeping the benefits of using building services consultants in mind before you have underpinning work done, you can prepare for the options facing you. Keep in mind that underpinning is one option with many different facets. By at least considering a consultation, you can help narrow down your options and make a choice for yourself if underpinning is right for you in the long run. Contact a company like Jeffrey Hills and Associates to learn more.