Land Surveying: Three Crucial Tips for Avoiding Losses and Disputes

9 February 2019
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If you are interested in purchasing land or developing your property, you should plan to hire a land surveyor. Land surveying is a beneficial process which helps in identifying or cataloguing the different characteristics of a piece of land. If you carry out any major changes on a lot without adequate surveying, you might end up incurring a lot of financial losses. In addition, there is a high risk of getting into legal disputes with immediate neighbours without survey reports. Here are some critical tips to help you avoid disputes and losses through surveying.

Consider Surveying Before Buying

It is advisable to commission a survey when choosing and purchasing land for personal use, subdivision or commercial development. Often, people assume that the information provided on the land is always accurate. However, you should keep in mind that things can change over time as land is passed from one person to another. For instance, a previous owner might have encroached on the neighbour's land, and you might assume that the entire property will be yours after buying. If you proceed without confirming the property information, you might lose a lot of money when the discrepancy is discovered in a future survey.

Check Boundaries Before Fencing

If you own a piece of land and would like to install or replace the fencing, you should consider carrying out a boundary land survey. This process is designed to help land owners identify the precise position of the boundaries surrounding each lot. The information obtained through the assessment will help you avoid any complications related to encroachment. This type of survey is also valuable if you are already in a dispute with your neighbour on the position of the line separating your properties. The survey can help you deal with the disagreement amicably and correct any issues.

Survey for Extensions or New Structures

Finally, if you have developed your property but would like to make some changes, it might be worthwhile to invest in a survey. Unlike fences, structures cannot be easily demolished or moved if a dispute arises between you and your neighbour. Therefore, consider commissioning a survey if you would like to add a new home wing or build an outdoor structure like a deck. The information from the survey report will prevent you from constructing on another person's property if the existing fence is not correctly installed. Also, you will ensure that you have adequate details to design the best structure for your property.