Tips to Help You Open a Wedding Hire Company.

12 February 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog


Event management is a lucrative business. If you intend to start a wedding hire company, below are a few considerations you should make. 

Opening shop. 

Do some market research to identify emerging trends in the wedding hire industry. For instance, what kind of services are in high demand? Are the competitors able to meet this demand? Identifying market gaps is the key to a successful business as you will always be a step ahead of your competition. Create innovative packages that will make your business a one-stop-shop for all wedding needs. Buying everything at once might be difficult due to limited capital. However, creating connections with other service providers ensures you can supply everything that your clients require.


Most people seeking wedding hire services rely on referrals. As such, it is vital to give your clients exemplary service to ensure that they can recommend your services to other couples. Also, invest in other marketing avenues, such as advertisements. Social media creates an excellent marketing platform. Take photos of weddings you have planned, and give discounts to your followers if they choose to work with you. Wedding fairs and exhibitions are an excellent opportunity for you to promote your business and meet potential clients. Regularly invite bloggers and event journalists to cover your events. 

Client relations. 

Always treat your clients with dignity. Before the D-day, hold a few meetings with your clients to go over the wedding plan. Also, provide your clients with a detailed quote of the service costs. Inform them of any extra costs they might incur. To protect your business from incurring losses, be clear about how much deposit is required and what amount is refundable if the client cancels the wedding. 


A professional team will guarantee client satisfaction. The people you hire must have an eye for detail. Members of the décor team must be very creative. Avoid copy-pasting the ideas of other wedding hire companies. If you choose to provide catering services, hire an experienced chef to head the department. Your staff must be highly organised. Further, educate them on how to be proactive and respond to crises. Preferably, you should always have a backup plan in case something goes wrong during an event. 

Finally, secure the relevant licences to ensure that your business is legal. Insure your business to avoid financial losses in case of accidents.

If you intend to start a wedding hire company, do some market research to identify current gaps in the industry. Other considerations you should make include client relations, staffing, marketing, licencing and insurance.