2 Reasons Why Installing an Irrigation System in Your Garden Is a Smart Idea

13 February 2019
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It's been a summer of extreme heat and lower than average rainfall across many parts of Australia. This has seen many gardens withering and suffering as hot, dry air has robbed them of the moisture they need to thrive. If this has been a concern in your garden, then you'll be pleased to know there is a way to prevent this problem.

Irrigation systems are available for use in residential gardens. These are similar to commercial irrigation systems but on a smaller scale. If you're considering an irrigation system for your garden, here are two benefits it will provide you with.

1. Your garden will thrive

It's well understood by most homeowners that gardens need water to thrive. However, simply watering the different areas of your garden once a day is often insufficient, particularly during the summer months. Different areas, such as lawns, garden beds and trees, all have different water requirements that need to be accounted for.

An irrigation system is the best way to ensure that each area gets the optimum amount of water each day. You can set your irrigation on a timer so that each area is watered at the right time and with the right amount of water. This also means that your garden will stay hydrated even if you're away from home.

An automated irrigation system also helps to make sure that plants that have high water needs are catered for. You can set the timers to come on multiple times a day if there are plants that will require rehydration at regular intervals. During days of extreme heat, this can mean the difference between a thriving plant and a plant that is permanently damaged.

2. You'll save water

Whether you have your own water supply or rely on a municipal supply, saving water is an important consideration for most homeowners. This is particularly true during hot, dry weather, when there may be water use restrictions in place. An irrigation system will significantly reduce the amount of water used to hydrate your garden effectively.

The key to reduced water consumption using an irrigation system is how the water is delivered to your garden. Because the irrigation system targets each area of the garden with a purpose-designed delivery system, there is little waste through run-off or evaporation.

If setting up an irrigation system for your garden sounds like a smart idea, contact your local irrigation system suppliers. They can help you tailor a set-up that ensures that each area of your garden gets the right amount of water at the right time.