3 Ways to Reduce Printing Costs in Your Office

6 February 2019
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Printing costs contribute significantly to the annual expenditure in offices. You have to invest in printers, service them regularly and buy ink and paper. Unfortunately, in an office setting, it is hard to dictate how your employees use printing equipment. Some print documents and forget to retrieve them from the machine. Others print on one side and misuse paper. If you aren't careful, the overall printing costs can be unreasonably high. Read More 

Benefits of Building Service Consultations Before Settling on Underpinning

30 January 2019
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As a homeowner with foundation problems, you may jump on the idea of using underpinning services. Though this is an initial option, there are several reasons you should wait and have a consultation first. By hiring a building services consultant, you can have your home inspected and a full consultation done to determine if underpinning is right for you. If you aren't sold on using this type of service, here are some benefits that may lead you to change your mind. Read More